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"Bruce", a littoral-class autonomous underwater vehicle is designed to complete the tasks required for the 17th annual AUVSI/ONR RoboSub Competition. These tasks, all autonomous, include straight travel through an underwater gate, identification and contact with colored buoys, firing a torpedo a target, and homing on a sonar pinger. 

Bruce is primarily composed of a pressurized hull to house the primary computer, microcontroller, pressure sensor, depth sensor, etc., 2 cylindrical camera boxes; a battery box; and a housing for our inertial measurement unit. Mounted on a sturdy 80-20 frame, Bruce has been outfitted with 6 VideoRay thrusters and a 4DOF manipulator to create an AUV that threatens to take a bite of the competition (HA!).

On the electrical side, Bruce uses a COTS motherboard and CPU as the main computer. and connects to an arduino development board to do low-level sensing and control. We have a number of custom boards for voltage regulation, isolation, and safety, and two 24 V 10Amp-hour LiPo batteries for power.  



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