The Caltech Robotics Team is comprised of forty five ambitious and talented Caltech undergraduates across ten majors and one faculty mentor. The team was founded by Caltech undergraduates extremely experienced in robotics in order to hone their abilities and expertise by participating in one of the most exciting and motivating challenges in engineering: design, prototype, fabricate, assemble, test, debug, and then tune robotic devices for competition. In 2011, we first competed in NASA/NIA's RASC-AL RoboOps competition, where we tele-operated a rover via the internet to collect various colored rocks over rough terrain. As a rookie team, we won 2nd place and a $4,000 prize, and we hope to continue our success this year.

Two years ago, we competed in AUVSI/ONR’s Robosub competition where we had to design an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to complete a challenging obstacle course. The Robosub obstacle course consisted of a variety of tasks to complete autonomously including identifying and ramming colored buoys, shooting torpedoes, locating SONAR pingers, turning a wheel and pulling a lever. With our AUV “Bruce”, we earned a 7th place spot out of 37 teams and the “Best New Entry” award along with a $500 prize. This was our first year at the Robosub competition and we learned a great deal along the way. In 2015, we returned to AUVSI with a new vehicle, Crush, capable of completing more tasks with a robust, integrated design. Crush made it to the finals and earned us 4th place and $1000. This year, we are returning to AUVSI for the 2016 RoboSub competition, and we hope to see you there, poolside at the TRANSDEC!

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